EN12453 :

 Defines hazard points of automatic gate systems and the maximum forces allowed on impact with an object or person.Industrial facilities, Garages (commercial), Garages (domestic), Doors, Electrically-operated devices, Automatic control systems, Gates, Barriers, Shutters (buildings), Safety engineering, Safety measures



 Defines how the impact forces should be tested on an automatic electric gate is installation. Industrial facilities, Garages (commercial), Doors, Electrically-operated devices, Automatic control systems, Gates, Safety engineering, Safety measures, Safety devices, Performance testing, Force measurement


EN1760-2 :

 Defines the operating characteristics of pressure sensitive safety ribs.Equipment safety, Safety devices, Occupational safety, Pressure-sensitive materials, Design, Edge, Bars (materials), Detectors, Hazards, Reliability, Performance, Instructions for use, Probes


EN12978 :

 Defines the operating characteristics of various safety equipment, ensuring that these devices fail in safe manner.Doors, Gates, Industrial, Commercial, Garages (commercial), Safety devices, Electrically-operated devices, Roller shutters, Grilles


EN 12604 :

Doors, Doorsets, Gates, Barriers, Industrial, Commercial, Garages (domestic), Mechanics, Specification (approval), Manually-operated devices, Electrically-operated devices



Doors, Gates, Garages (commercial), Industrial, Industrial facilities, Commercial, Barriers, Shutters (buildings), Mechanical testing, Endurance testing, Inspection, Verification, Manually-operated devices, Electrically-operated devices, Construction systems parts